Legal editing service

I offer a comprehensive specialist legal editing service covering all types of legal material: books, journal articles, reports, and professional and academic material. See Legal Editing for more details.

Services for statutory and public bodies

  • Copy-editing/proofreading of reports, handbooks and internal and external documentation of all sorts.
  • Substantive editing.
  • Rewriting, research and fact checking.

Services for publishers

  • Copy-editing/proofreading, research, rewriting, fact checking.
  • Substantive editing.
  • Specialising in legal publishing (see Qualifications) and academic humanities.

Services for businesses

  • Proofreading and copy-editing of company reports, promotional material, internal and external documentation;
  • Rewriting text to make it clearer to the proposed readership, whether board members, customers or staff, and using simpler alternatives (plain English) to help avoid the use of jargon;
  • Writing/rewriting of promotional and advertising material for maximum impact, using word pictures to engage the reader, and clear, simple text to allow the customer to easily grasp the desired message.

Services for authors

Full manuscript edit including a line edit, style edit and content edit.

Line edit – a line-by-line edit of the full text, focused on finding spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Style edit – a full review of style and textual flow, including checks for:

Clarity – ensuring that your readers easily grasp your meaning.

Organisation and structure – ensuring that your material is presented in the clearest, most straightforward way possible.

Suitability for your intended readership – ensuring that your work suits your readership in terms of style and language.

Content edit – a full review of content, including checks for:

Character, timeline and plot continuity for fiction.

Consistency – ensuring that your readers are not distracted by inconsistent language usage

Contradictions – ensuring that events/characters/plot lines/settings do not contradict each other.

Omissions – ensuring that concepts/characters/plot lines/settings are introduced properly before being developed.

Journal and magazine articles.

Fact checking.

Services for students

  • Proofreading and technical editing of theses. This includes checking spelling, grammar and punctuation, checking for contradictions, unnecessary repetition and readability, as well as proposing alternative wordings for awkwardly worded text and pointing out inconsistencies. ESL (English as second language) work. 

Web services

  • Web editing: proofreading each web page; checking text, headings and layout; testing links; checking the structure of the website, its clarity and user-friendliness.
  • Content writing: the creation of a user-friendly website structure, and clear and attractive web content.

P E R F E C T L Y  W R I T E

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