Recent Projects

Public Sector/Academic

  • Research report for the Irish Penal Reform Trust, 2018. Dublin. Copy-editing.
  • Research report for Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy, 2018. Galway. Copy-editing.
  • Report for Comission for the Regulation of Utilities, 2018. Dublin. Proofreading/copy-editing.
  • Fiscal reports for Irish Fiscal Advisory Council, 2017, 2018. Dublin. Copy-editing.
  • Statistical report for Centre for Support and Training in Analysis and Research, 2018. Dublin. Layout, formatting.
  • Statistical report for the Institute of Public Health in Ireland. Dublin. Proofreading.
  • Research report for Enterprise Ireland. Dublin. Research, analysis, writing.


  • The Law of Duress and Necessity, N. Tamblyn, Routledge. Copy-editing.
  • Law Express, Q & A, European Law, J. Guth and E. Mowlam, Pearson Education. Copy-editing.
  • Law of Tort, John Cooke. Pearson Education. Copy-editing.
  • Exploring Equity and Trusts, Sukhninder Panesar, Pearson Education. Copy-editing.
  • Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore, 1st edn, Jaclyn Neo (ed.), Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Copy-editing.
  • Using Construction Contracts: a practical guide for engineers and project managers, David Wright, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law, Chris Taylor, Pearson. Copy-editing.
  • Report for Education in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland. Textual analysis, research (legal), writing.

Community and Voluntary Sector

  • Discussion papers, press releases, submissions on White Papers, newsletters, Directory of Support Services. Care Alliance Ireland. Copy-editing.
  • Research proposals, accounts, Directors' Report. Care Alliance Ireland. Copy-editing.


  • Studia Hibernica Issues 42, 43 and 44, Carnegie/Liverpool University Press. Copy-editing.
  • Doctoral dissertation, medieval history. Proofreading/copy-editing.
  • 'Margaret O'Carroll, Queen of Eile', 2015, Writing.
  • 'Cáin Adomnáin: the Irish "Geneva Convention"', History Ireland, 23(1), pp. 14-17. Writing.

Information Technology and Telecommunications

  • From GSM to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G, 3rd edn, Martin Sauter, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.
  • SiP - System in Package Design and Simulation, 1st edn, Suny Li, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.


  • Frank Wood's Book-keeping & Accounts, 9th edn, Sheila Robinson, Pearson. Copy-editing.
  • Managing Networks in Project-Based Organisations, 1st edn, Stephen Pryke, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.

Social Sciences

  • What Works in Child Protection, 1st edn, Louise Dixon (ed.), John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.
  • Thanatourism and Cinematic Representations of Risk, 1st edn, Rodanthi Tzanelli, Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Copy-editing.
  • Understanding Lone Actor Terrorism, 1st edn, Michael Fredholm (ed.), Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Copy-editing.
  • The Routledge Encyclopedia of Interpreting Studies, 1st edn, Franz Poechhacker (ed.), Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Copy-editing.
  • God, Politics, Economy - Paradoxes of Religion, 1st edn, Bulent Diken, Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Copy-editing.
Physical Sciences
  • Sustainable Winter Road Operations, 1st edn, Q. Shi (ed), John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Copy-editing.
  • Printed Batteries, 1st edn, S. Lanceros-Mendez and C.M. Costa (eds), John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.
  • Activity Based Costing for Construction Companies, 1st edn, Yong-Woo Kim, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.
  • CDM Regulations 2015 Procedures Manual, Stuart Summerhayes, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.

Other Academic

  • The Future of Literary Archives, D. Sutton (ed), Arc Humanities. Copy-editing.
  • Humanitarian Action and Ethics, A. Ahmad and J. Smith (eds), Zed Books. Copy-editing.
  • Crime Scene Management: Scene Specific Methods, 1st edn, Raul Sutton (ed.), John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.
  • Promotional Screen Industries, 1st edn, Paul Grainge and Catherine Johnson, Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Copy-editing.