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About Editing

Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders & Indexers:

Publishing Ireland/Foilsiú Éireann:

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders:

Style Guides

Elements of Style by William Strunk (a classic style manual):

The Economist Style Guide:

The Guardian Style Guide:

Citation Styles

College Student's Guide to Citation Styles: 

Harvard Style Guide:

Harvard Style Guide:

Style for Students (useful for academic terms and conventions):

Links for Writers

Dublin City of Literature:

Dublin Writers' Museum:

Irish Pages, A Journal of Contemporary Writing:

Irish Writers’ Centre/Áras na Scríbhneoirí:

Irish Writing Resouces:

Library Catalogue for Ireland:

Plain English

A Plain English Guide to Legal Terms 

Legal: Ireland

A Plain English Guide to Legal Terms:

Bar Council of Ireland: 

Houses of the Oireachtas: 

Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland:

Irish Legal Information Initiative:

Irish Statutes:

Law Society of Ireland:

Online library of UK, Irish, EU and international case law and legislation:  

OSCOLA legal citation - Ireland:

Legal: UK

British and Irish Legal Information Institute:

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations: 

Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England & Wales: 

Legal Dictionary:

Online legal research:

OSCOLA legal citation - UK: 

UK Statute Law Database:

History & Archaeology

Archaeological excavations database:

Celtic encyclopaedia:

Census 1901 & 1911:

Down Survey:

Federation of Local History Societies/Conascadh na gCumann Staire Áitiúla:

Free Digital Humanities Resource for Irish History, Literature and Politics:

Irish archaeology:

Irish History Online:

National Library of Ireland:

Online archive of British documents relating to Ireland: 

Royal Irish Academy:

Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland:


Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language:

Heritage Council:

Irish Heritage:

Placenames Database of Ireland:

Information Technology

An online dictionary of information technology terms:

Collaborative software development:

Irish Internet Association:

News and information for the IT community:

The Community & Voluntary Sector

Citizens' Information Board:

Department of Social Protection:

Online Network for Irish Non-profit Organisations:

The National Volunteer Development Agency:   

Writing guides

Academic Writing Guide

Style for Students

Referencing guides

Anglia Ruskin University: Harvard System

Imperial College London: Citing & Referencing: Harvard Style

Imperial College London: Vancouver Referencing Guide

UCD: Harvard Referencing Guide

Dictionaries (free, online)


The Free Dictionary:

Grammar in the media

Misplaced commas: New York Times: Tricky Little Things

The singular 'they': Guardian newspaper: Sexist Language: it's every man for him or herself

The singular 'they': Economist: Singular "they": everyone has their own opinion

Specialisations: Law

Irish Statutes

OSCOLA legal citation guide (adapted for Ireland)


Specialisations: Engineering

Dictionary of engineering terms


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