Legal editing

 I am a qualified solicitor with eight years' experience in the legal sector. I hold the following legal qualifications:

  • Solicitor’s Professional Qualification, Law Society of Ireland
  • Post-graduate Diploma in European Law, University College Dublin
  • Bachelor of Civil Law, University College Dublin.

I have indepth expertise in the workings of common law legal systems, the citation of case law and statute, legal journals and legal terminology.

I have worked on Irish public sector projects with legal/technical/fiscal subject matter, and edited numerous legal texts, including:

  • Fiscal report for the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council. Copy-editing.
  • Report for Education in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland. Textual analysis, legal research, writing.
  • The Law of Duress and Necessity, N. Tamblyn. Routledge. Copy-editing.
  • Law Express, Q & A, European Law, J. Guth and E. Mowlam. Pearson Education. Copy-editing.
  • Law of Tort, John Cooke. Pearson Education. Copy-editing.
  • Exploring Equity and Trusts, Sukhninder Panesar. Pearson Education. Copy-editing.
  • Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore, 1st edn, Jaclyn Neo (ed.). Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Copy-editing.
  • Using Construction Contracts: a practical guide for engineers and project managers, David Wright. John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copy-editing.
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law, Chris Taylor. Pearson. Copy-editing.