Q. What sort of issues affect the cost of editing?

A. Issues that can affect the price of a project include: number of words, quantity of technical terms, level of editing required, whether fact checking is required, the complexity of the subject matter, and whether English is the author's first language. Click here to view the project estimator tool.

Q. What formatting should I apply to my thesis?

A. Click here for a list of formatting issues that commonly arise in theses.

Q. What's included in a professional manuscript edit?

A. Professional manuscript editing provides an objective view of your work. The service includes:

Line edit:            a line-by-line edit of the full text, focused on finding typographic, grammar and punctuation errors.

Style edit:           a full review of style and textual flow, including checks for:

      • clarity – ensuring that your readers easily grasp your meaning
      • organisation and structure – ensuring that your material is presented in the clearest, most straightforward way possible
      • suitability for the intended readership – ensuring that your work suits your readership in terms of style and language.

Content edit:       a full review of content, including checks for:

      • character, timeline and plot continuity (for fiction)
      • consistency – ensuring that your readers are not distracted by inconsistent language usage
      • contradictions – ensuring that events/characters/plot lines/settings do not contradict each other
      • omissions – ensuring that concepts/characters/plot lines/settings are introduced properly before being developed.

Q. What's included in thesis proofreading?

A. Thesis proofreading includes: 

  • correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • checking for unnecessary repetition and readability
  • proposing alternative wordings for awkwardly worded text
  • pointing out inconsistencies and lack of clarity in the language
  • correcting spelling and layout errors in references.

Thesis proofreading does not include:

  • paraphrasing quotations
  • cross-checking references against external sources
  • significantly altering word count.