Memberships & Qualifications

Professional Memberships

Editorial Training

Plain English

  • Plain English Business Writing, Plain English Campaign


  • Solicitor’s Professional Qualification, Law Society of Ireland
  • Post-graduate Diploma in European Law, University College Dublin
  • Bachelor of Civil Law, University College Dublin
  • Eight years' experience as a practising solicitor
  • Indepth expertise in the workings of common law legal systems, the citation of case law and statute, legal journals and legal terminology

Information Technology & Telecommunications

  • Post-graduate Diploma in Computer Science (Distinction), University College Dublin
  • Eight years' experience in the information technology sector with a telecommunications multinational
  • Indepth knowledge of industry terminology, software languages, platforms, development tools and processes
  • Extensive experience of writing and reviewing technical documents

History & Heritage

  • Member of the Dun Laoghaire Borough Local History Society
  • Interests include pre- and early-Christian Ireland, including the mythological cycles and the Brehon Laws
  • Article: 'Margaret O'Carroll, Queen of Eile', 2015, available at
  • Article: 'Cáin Adomnáin, 697: The Irish "Geneva Convention"', History Ireland, 23(1), pp. 14-17
  • Article: 'Ancient Ways - the Pilgrim Routes of Ireland', Ireland's Own, November 2012

Community & Voluntary

  • Wide experience of editing within the C&V sector
  • Extensive knowledge of sources of information, terminology, and key concepts and organisations within the C&V sector